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Laundry Room Renovation Phase 1- Shiplap Ceiling

Lowes carries this amazing shiplap. Why is it amazing? It's because it's cheap! This ceiling only cost $70. 
1. Pine wood shiplap from Lowes 2. Hole saw 3. Nail Gun 4. Jig saw 5. liquid nails 6. Minwax conditioner 7. Minwax Dark Walnut Stain 8. Miter saw 9. Maybe a table saw (to rip the last board down to fit)

Here are the before pictures of our very small laundry room.

This project for our space took 11 boards. Our ceiling is 71"X 76".  Each board is 6.5" Wide.  You first need to decide which way you want your boards to run. We decided to run them the 71" length.  So I took 71 divided by 6.5 which gave me 10.92.  We rounded up so 11 boards were needed.    
I first conditioned the boards which helps the stain apply much smoother. Then stained it with my favorite stain. 

My husband marked the studs 

He measured each space where the boards were going so that they fit perfectly. He cut them using his miter saw.  He applies liquid nails then secures the boards with h…
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Walmart Decor Finds you didn't know about

Walmart has really stepped up their game when it comes to quality home decor pieces. I selected a few of my favorites. You can click the image and it will take you to their site to shop directly. 
Walmart carries 3 different pieces like this. They are perfect to jazz up your laundry room. 

This bench is an amazing price. I'm thinking this bench for under my big window in my bar room. I have a Jack Russell who would love to sit on this while waiting for me to come home. You can also use it for your dining table which I would do when taking photos of that space for my instagram so I can see the tables cape better. 

This is defiantly on my wish list! I have a spot in my backyard. I plan on hanging a big screen TV above it. Perfect for cocktails and sports. 

I love this table runner! I currently have it in my dining room and its a great addition to my neural decor. 

The moment I saw this curtain I was in love. It is very good quality and beautiful in person. It washes up nicely too!  It&…

Fourth Of July Inspiration For Your Home

Hi Guys!
   Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. Today I wanted to share how I sprinkled just a little bit of Fourth Of July decor around my home. For me, what's great about this holiday is I don't have to store any of my reg decor. I just sprinkle it in with my existing stuff. When I decorate for Christmas I put all of my normal decor away to make room. 
Here in the kitchen I just added some dish towels and a couple mini American flags, they are on the stove in a pitcher with some white roes. 

I love decorated my dining table. This is a pretty big size room and we decided to utilize the other half of the room as our bar. We like to host parties.  

 Close up view! 

These bunting flags you can get all year round at Walmart. Just a fun and festive added touch.  I found the pillows online at Kohls. 

I can't remember where this garland is from. If I had to guess it would be Rod Works here in Las Vegas.  Sadly, they are closing. 

 My favorite patriotic home deco…

Two Kitchen Upgrades We Love - Part 1

There are actually more than two ideas I love that we included in our new kitchen but today I will talk about two of them. 
The first is our dual trash cans. Here in Las Vegas we are encouraged to recycle. I'm a big advocate for it myself and try to do my part. We also have a big dog that is very clever and likes to dig in the trash and this prevents him.  This dual trash can is well worth giving up cabinet space for. Any cabinet company you choose to go with will have this option. The recycling bin also comes with a green lid so when you have parties people know to recycle. 

Next up is this really cool kitchen counter pop up with three outlets & two USB slots. When not in use it sits flush with the counter. If I don't want it to show then I just slide my 3 tier tray on top of it. When we had our counter tops installed we just had them cut a hole for it.  To have someone cut it out on an existing counter tops would run about $100. You can find this model linked here.

I love T…

DIY Chicken Coop Condo

Well hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post on how we built this beautiful chicken condo. 

If you are an avid DIY'er then you know that projects always take longer than you estimate. With that being said there is defiantly something special about taking a space like our side yard and creating something beautiful with your own two hands. I have been dreaming of this chicken coop since the day we bought our house. I am very grateful to have a husband who was willing to build this for our three little ladies...Pearl, Opal, & Ruby. 

Here is our side yard that faces east. 

I thought long and hard about this written form tutorial and this was such a long project I thought this DIY would be better in video form. There are so many details we learned along the way that I thought it would be best to link you to the videos I made on how we created this chicken coop.  We had no plans, I just took some inspiration from pinterest and winged it. Thats kinda how my husband…

DIY Slat Wall

Let's get this party started!!! This was a very easy DIY but very time consuming. I loved how it turned out so totally worth our time. 
This room was originally intended to be a formal living room but who wants one of those anymore? We like to host parties so thought a cool bar room would be fun and different. 


8' Skinny boards (purchased at lowes)Wood Stain (my favorite here)


Chop Sawtable Sawnail gun w/ 1' nails*decor sources are at the bottom of the page

Here is the before picture....The only thing that is staying is the curtains and bar sign. Even the bar is getting a makeover. See how the ceiling has a transition and angles up? I thought it would be cool to add the slat wall to the ceiling as well and make it look like one continuous piece. 

There are different options for how you can butt each slat to meet up with the baseboard. You can totally take off the baseboard and bring it all the way to the floor.  This is a good idea if you have carpet. My husband…