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The best shiplap for your buck!

The hardest part about Shiplap is figuring out what materials buy. There is so many different ways you can make a shiplap wall.  I know a lot of people use plywood but the wood is so rough and does not look real in person to me.  Not to mention all the prep work you have to do before you can even get it on the wall. Plus you can't by a 12' piece of plywood. Which means you would have lines connecting your ship lap. It would just make it sloppy I have go the secret for you! This shiplap I found and love by the way is seriously the best. Why you say? Well,.... It's tung and groove which means each board fit together kind of like a puzzle piece.  No need to space it out yourself.  It comes already primed and ready to hang on your wall. You just have to cut the end to fit your wall space.It comes in 8' or 12' lengthsIts sold and both Home Depot and Lowes (we bought ours at Home Depot) Best part is it's super affordable! 

We currently have 3 out of 4 real shiplap wall…

The EASY formula to space your board & batten wall

Bad at Math? Me too! I spent a lot of time looking on the internet for an easy formula to help space your boards evenly on any wall. I only found one and it was so confusing, I couldn't make it work.  So, with some help, I figured it out! 
What's nice about this project is it's very inexpensive. The total cost including the new baseboard was $120. Make sure you read this entire tutorial before starting. I have a lot of very important steps you don't want to skip. 
This wall (the one to the left in the photo below) has been through a lot over the past year. Before we get to the board & batten wall I wanted to show you how this wall started out. When we moved in we had this coat closet that you needed to walk around from the front door to get to the next room. We debated a lot on weather or not to remove it. I'm so glad we did! It made a huge impact on how the house flowed. We also took out that adjoining piller. So glad it's gone!

What a mess! Things have to g…

4 Steps to an easy DIY Fireplace

Step 1-Demo In our case the only thing we needed to demo was the tile around the fireplace. To make things easier we decided to build the wood mantel around the existing one, so no demo there. Below is a fun video I made hammering the tile. It came off real easy.

Depending on what's under your tile you might need to add or replace the cement board. It helps prevent a fire.  You can buy it at any home improvement store for cheap. You can use a razor blade to score it. Measure to fit your space and use cement board screws.We then added plywood to create a flat surface that the tile had a solid foundation to adhere. In the photo below we still need to add the top plywood piece. 

Step 2 - Tile We chose to use tile because of the heat from the fireplace. They make neat stick on products nowadays but when dealing with heat I wouldn't recommend it even though it would be so much easier. Next it's time to add the tile. I found these 6x6" backsplash tiles at Home Depot. I couldn&#…

Step by Step for DIY (ish) Kitchen Renovation

I'm sure your first question is why this is a DIY(ish) blog post. Well my husband and I DIY'ed everything but the cabinets and the counter tops. I didn't want to be misleading.  Unless your an excellent wood worker and have endless time it would be really hard to make your own. The previous cabinets were garbage and really poor quality so it was in the best interest to buy new for the resale value. I have been dreaming of quartz counters for a long time can't make and install those DIY either, lol.  We also extended the kitchen island into the breakfast nook area and created a desk space as well.  Between the dinning room seating and the seating in the island there was no need for a third space to eat. 
Create a Spread Sheet Most smart phones now have a FREE spreadsheet. The apple version is called Numbers. What's cool about it is you can share it with anyone who also has an iPhone and they can make changes as well. Example: Spouse or ContractorIn th…

Guest Bath Renovation

This is probably my favorite Renovation to date! The before and after are amazing to me!I just love this bathroom so much! Below you will find tips and trick how we remodeled this space as well as sources.  

Of course your first course of action is to demo everything you don't plan on keeping.  In this case it was everything but the tub and the tile behind the tub. We plan on replacing the tile at a later date. 

After Everything was out (we demoed the whole house at the same time) My husband painted the whole inside of the house with the same Swiss Coffee White paint by Behr. Then he laid the laminate flooring  down which we used throughout the whole house. Once those two major things were done we worked on this bathroom so we had a full functional bathroom.

I found these adorable farmhouse vanities at Lowe's. They came like this so you had to buy the faucets and a few other pieces not shown (I list below)separate.  

What's nice about these vanities is you are able to lay them…