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$15 Jumbo Jenga

I just loved this DIY. It was so simple and only took about two hours to make. 
1. 4 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber (they are only $2each at Homedpot) 2. This crate from Walmart (mine was $7 in store) 3. Favorite stain (this is mine)-optional 

Tools: 1. Table saw or compound miter saw 2. Mouse sander (would take to long to sand by hand) 3. Router with a 1/4" rounded bit  - optional 3. Work gloves 4. Eye protection 5. Pen or pencil 6. Measuring tape 7. 2 lint-free rags or t-shirt scraps for the stain 

STEP 1 - supplies/tools

When picking out your boards make sure they are straight. Sometimes you can get a bowed one. We laid out all the supplies and tools in our driveway. 

STEP 2-cut

We measured out 7 1/2" for each cut. You need 48 pieces. I don't believe we had any extra wood left over. You should have 12 pieces for each board. 12X4=48

STEP 3-Router

We rounded all the edges with a router but if you don't have one the sander should work. You just don't want rough edges. 

Step 4-Sand

Best Amazon Kitchen Runners

Who doesn't love a pretty kitchen runner? Currently, I have the Lady Bird Runner by My Texas House.  It truly is stunning in person.  I'm someone who likes to change things up and try new runners a couple times a year being that they are budget friendly.  They are also easier to replace because they are small and you have to move furniture around, plus they don't take as much room to store. 
Below are a few different runner rug options that I'm loving right now. I also own the buffalo checkered one. I like to use it for the holidays.


2. Orian

3. Buffalo checkered Runner 

4. Orian Bluebonnets

1.These spot clean really well. When you need a deeping clean I take mine outside on the driveway and use the pressure washer with a little bit of dish soap.  You can use your hose too. Then I make sure it is lifted off the ground to dry. I normally hang it over our dolly. In the summer it dries within an hour and in the winter about a half a day. It will take forever …

DIY Wood Curtain Rod

I actually have these curtain rods throughout my house already and I love them so much that I wanted to share how I made them. I wouldn't say these are budget friendly because you can buy cheap curtain rods from amazon that are made of metal or plastic. I just like the look of these and the warmth it brings to the room. Honestly, if you have the tools already, $30 isn't that bad.
Cost: $30+

Supplies:  1. 8' Rod 2. 7" corbel 3. Favorite stain (this is mine) 4. My favorite curtains
Tools: 1. Cordless Drill 2.    2 in. Wood Hole Saw with Arbor 3. lint free rag, old sock or t-shirt This door is in our master bedroom.  When we moved in we hung curtains right away and they were too low and the rod should have been hung higher and wider. It makes the room look bigger. 

We only needed these two supplies. Everything else we already had so this was a $30 project for us. 

  First step is to use your 2" hole saw to make a hole for the rod to sit in. 

You need to be pretty strong for th…

How to throw a fun Galentines party for your Besties!

I love a good reason to throw a fun themed party! This Galentine party band wagon is right up my alley! I wanted to share how I put this fun party together in 6 easy steps! 
1.  Decorations
This is my favorite part. First I take survey of the things I already own. In this photo I already had the basics like chargers, plates, silverware, water cups and the roses in the center of the table. I set everything out on my table and build from there. I do this about a week or two before the party and slowly work on it. Next, I go to Pinterest (you can follow me here) and look for inspiration. When doing this the first thing I do is search for "Galentine inspiration" and pick three colors to stick with.  This year I chose, pink, white & gold. After I chose colors I went shopping. This year target had so much good stuff in their target dollar spot.  The small paper plates, napkins, place cards, "lets brunch babes" banner, the wood brunch sign next to the roses, & the s…

20 hysterical bathroom signs

One of my favorite signs makers is Etch and Ember. Their signs crack me up. So much that I wanted to write this blog post featuring their bathroom signs.  They have all sorts of signs for your home that you can check out if your interested.  

There are even some cute one for christmas time! Can you spot them? 

You might be asking why I have so many signs?! Well, I have a two shelves above the toilet and I only put a few signs out at a time. When we have guests over I rotate them so every time they are coming over they read new ones. Always a conversations starter! 

I did a round up of most all these signs linked here in my Amazon store front. Please leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite saying is! 

Here is a link to my next blog post! 

How to organize your spices

You don't have to have this spice pull out to have a nice organized spice collection. If you ever do a kitchen remodel though, I do recommend one!
1. Spice Labels 2. Small Jars 3. Large Jars
This is my favorite kitchen organization idea for anyone because it it's cheap and makes a big difference. There are two ways you can go about revamping your spice collection. The easiest way is to keep the current spice glass jars you already have. 

 I buy a lot of my spices at walmart and they have great organic spices in glass jars that make this DIY super easy. You just peel off both the front and back sticker...they are pretty easy to remove.  It will have some sticky residue and goo gone can easy help remove that. They come with silver lids so I spray painted just the outside of the lid a matte black color. Now, if you don't like the jars your spices come in, I had several as well, you can buy these small or large spice jars. I also painted the lids matte black. 

Of course yo…