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DIY Easter Baskets for Teens

Aren't these the cutest Easter baskets ever? I thought so! I do have some bad news.  I purchase them at Micheal's before the quarantine started, made them all cute to show you and found out they are an in store purchase only 😢 I was so bummed. I planned these Easter Baskets with the intent of you being able to go buy them too! I feel like such a tease! I do think that once the stores open back up they will still be there so you can stash them for next year! Just a thought! They will be on clearance then! I linked them below for you. 

They come natural so you can paint/stain them however you like. We have 2 boys & two girls so I decided to paint the girls white and stain the boys. In the future I plan on putting their names on them so we can use them every year. I didn't want to venture to Walmart for that.  Just an addition I can do next year. 

Every year since the kids were little I have bought them bathing suits for their Easter baskets. I don't like buying candy …

DIY wood 3 Tier Tray

This is one of my favorite quick DIY's. We have a nice size kitchen island and I needed something that would look good to scale and fun to decorate. This tray is probably bigger in person than in the photos. 

I decided to stain it to match my vent hood and bar stools. You could also spray paint it or try a different stain. This just happens to be the stain I use throughout my whole house on all my wood projects. 

One thing I need to point out is the top tier tray. I did not link it because I found a better one on amazon for a couple bucks cheaper. I ordered it and will be replacing the one in the photo. When I bought the supplies at lowe's before being quarantined, that was all they had. 


1. Top Tier
2. Middle tier
3. Bottom tier
4. Galvanized pieces
5. My favorite stain
6. 3/4" wood screws  (make sure they are black)

The galvanized kit I have linked comes with screws. I'm not sure how long they are but guessing they are too long. So make sure your screws wont be goin…

Activities for teenagers during Quarantine

I put a list together of ideas of things to do with our teenagers. Lots of ideas out there for smaller kids but what about our teens? If it was up to mine they would be playing video games the whole time BUT I have a different plan for them! These are all random ideas, no order to the madness. I will be adding more as I think of new ideas or get new suggestions. So check back! 

Board games/cardsQuarantine resources- lots of different ideas and linksOnline rec center for families (invited by Karen) Teach them how to cook. My kids are in charge of cooking one dinner meal for the family, once a week. Cooking competition.  I have three teens. One cooks breakfast, one cooks dinner and the third cook dinner. I judge who did the best! bake cookies, dessertspick weeds/ yard workgo on a family hikePick a show no one has seen and binge watch it togetherwash all your window, inside & outspring clean their rooms, wash sheets, clean ceiling fans, baseboards, dust, organize, put clothes to donat…

4 fun ways to decorate for St. Patricks Day

I just love decorating for all holidays.  You can't forget St.  Patricks Day! A lot of these items Iv'e had for years but I was hoping to give you inspiration for your home if you were wanting to decorate just a little.  My kids are older now but If I didn't... I know they would be disappointed. 

I made the wreath myself and have everything linked here to make one yourself.  I also have a few other outdoor items that would be cute for your front porch. Click here

I have a few things linked on this table in my LIKE TO KNOW IT app.

Welcome to the neighborhood basket

I just think this is the sweetest idea. If I would have received something like this when we moved in, my neighbor would be my best-friend! lol I bought all of these items at Walmart with the exception of the basket which I already had. I did find a set of two on amazon.  I like to use these apple baskets for decor for fall/halloween too. 
If you would like to buy the items online, then I have provided easy links for you. 
1. Basket- set of two 2. WIFI sign  3. Chocolate 4. candle (similar) 5. dish towels 6. printable card  7. ribbon

I think the best part of this whole gift is the card. I found the printable on Etsy and printed it out at home. I had the whole family sign it, and wrote a nice welcome to the neighborhood message and also wrote our phone numbers in case of an emergency or anything. 

 This WIFI sign is such a cute idea for a gift. Most people don't have one already and most people do have wifi. I even gift this to friends. 

Hello? Who doesn't love wine?? Just grab a bot…

Fool Proof Corn Beef & Cabbage

I love to cook. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember and nowadays its pretty easy to make a meal if you have the recipe and the ingredients, right? Well this is the only meal I would bomb  every year when I would make it on St. Patrick's Day. I would find a new recipe, follow the directions and it would be just too tough. That is until I was at house party and there was this cute little old lady that told me all her secrets. lol 
I love a lot of pictures when making a recipe. So below I documented the process if that is something you like. If not, I don't make you go scrolling for the recipe. It's right here at the top.  So let's get cooking!!
1. FlAT Cut Corned Beef Brisket (HAS to be the FLAT cut)  2. cabbage 3. Carrots 4. New Potatos 5. 1/2 cup Mustard 6. 2TBSP Garlic 7. 1/4 cup dry wine (optional) 8. 1 cup broth of choice 
1. So all corn beef is pre-seasoned in the package. It tends to be pretty salty. You can do one of two things. Rinse t…

EASY St. Patricks Day DIY Wreath

Each month on the first of the month I want to feature a new wreath. I want to use this same grape vine wreath each time to help save money and just buy the supplies to coordinate with whatever holiday or season it is that month. 
I have a time laps video on my Instagram if you would like to see me put this together in real time. Click here.
1. Grape vine wreath 2. Clover 3. Green Velvet Eucalyptus Bush 4. Green & White Berries Spray 5. Yellow Flocked Mini Queen Anne's Lace Bush
Tools: 1. Wire or floral wire cutters

I place the clover where I want it first. Slightly to the right. I stick the bottom stem under one of the grape vine stems to hold it in place. 

The flowers come in a bundle so I use wire cutters to cut each stem off individually. Do not use scissors, they wont work and will ruin your scissors. I learned the hard way years ago. 

 Take the berries and bend them to spread them out. 

After I place the clover on, I just randomly start sticking the eucalyptus on the left s…