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DIY Spring Wreath

How to add a touch of spring to your home with this easy tulip wreath DIY.

Tulip Wreath Supplies:

Grape VineGreeneryTulips (it allows your to select different colors)Tools: 
wire cuttershooks to hang your wreath I have a video linked here. (you do need and instagram)

Directions: (I made two wreaths)
1. Start by using your wire cutters to cut your greenery. It comes all bunched together and I cut it to make individual stems.  2. I randomly place all the green pieces on the left side of the grape vine wreath. 3. Then I randomly place the tulips. I didn't want to cut the tulip stems so I bent them in half to they were well hidden. I added a little bit of Easter, as soon as Easter was over it was easy to remove.   4. I hung mine on two matching windows on my back patio. I did have extra supplies. You can also make it fuller than mine, or wrap it all around the wreath. 

DIY Wood Riser (tray)

Love this DIY riser. Its so easy to make! I bought all my supplies at lowe's.  The links are for Home Depot, they have curb side pick up so you don't have to get out of car. 
1. Table top 2. legs 3. stain (dark walnut) 4. wood glue 5. craft white paint 6. painters tape 7. clear wax
If you're planning on using a light colored stain make sure you sand your board first, so it does't yellow. If using my same stain you don't need too. 
1. Stain your board & legs 2. Use your wood glue to attach the legs. My glue dried in 15 minutes. Make sure the legs are 1" from the edge of the board. you want to be able to see them once you flip it over.  3. Use painters tape to create any design you like on the board. If you have Frogs painters tape that would be even better. Try your best to press the tape down as best as possible to prevent bleeding of the paint.  4. When painting your board use a sponge brush and put a little bit of paint on it. Do not over saturate it. Dab t…